Dear customer Unfortunately the food safety and health rating of our restaurant this year has dropped dramatically as previous year. this is by no mean because our food is unsanitary or unclean.but because the structure of our floor and ceiling. the old construction of the building does not meet the current demand. We are actively renovating to meet the relevant requirement to solve the issue. The freshest food will still be served and we will do very best to meet all needs of each and every customer. its has been brought to our attention that there are rumours that we were ordered to close down in January by the health authorities during our short break. THIS is NOT TRUE. We attended a wedding in China. I Would like to thank everyone who come to our restaurant, thank you for all you support and help, we appreciate each and every one of you. There might be the coldest days of the year, but we welcome you with the hottest food and a warm smile Remember to keep warm and drive safety in the snow! ShangKi-Li Team

About Us

What is our Story?

SHANGKI-LI restaurant offers a friendly, relaxed atmosphere with a wide range of asian cusine.Our management team works closely with our master chefs who benefits from over 15 years of restaurant experience in the London and Brighton  area.


We aim to serve our customers with authentic oriental food from traditional cantonese dishes, spicy exciting sichuan dishes, to tasty genuine Malaysian, Singapore and Thai dishes.We hope that you will enjoy dining with us. And should you have any special requests, please do not hesitate to speak to a member of our friendly staff.

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